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5 convincing motives will make you acquire oneplus phone one

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كاتب الموضوع عقيق حر on الأحد، 11 مايو 2014 | 9:59 ص

recently announced the smartphone oneplus one and which is the first attempt to modern corporation oneplus and which denies it belonging to OPUWO despite doubts about that.

agreed upon after the declaration of the smartphone oneplus one is surprising and impressive world toward this product, which, in the view of some capable of toppling the giant Samsung and apple of the Throne of the rapid change and transformation, perhaps the time has come to see really new reality in this sector, the hope of the world Samsung plastic products and reservations Apple on progress toward the future more quickly and the attempts to H T C and Sony to return to the forefront in the pursued LG and many Chinese companies on the other board.

The smartphone oneplus one is the preferred option for many people, but, of course, will not be the focus of attention of all, and this is a natural thing, and in the case of the view that these media exaggeration does not less than and not more than let me tell you that the company that produced the phone exactly is still arising and a number of personnel employed by the very limited for this, it is not able events originally media uproar of giant corporations this vacuum that did not devise a lot in output and is what succeeded.

1. Large screen size make smart phone and tablet.

The first surprise of the oneplus one is the large screen size up to 5.5 inch and this size makes the smart phone and tablet also, the screen in this situation very ideal size to watch videos Envelop you live what you watch, but and makes pages that you to browse through at you well and is what helps you used for learning and entertainment.

2. The design of the finest phones

phones oppo may design new oppo thing in thinking for one of them, and because the company already prefer to put its phones in China first has been gradual, this would mean to you, that you have to wait for more time before obtaining your copy while this phone will be available globally next month and in the case of requested in advance will be shipped to you during this month, the design of this device, which is similar to the design exactly oppo find 7 and it is He Who has made many people doubt in being a company .

3. excellent performance and superior to Galaxy S. 5

Eyes on all smartphone Galaxy S. 5, but not after that was the declaration of this device, which is a fierce competitor on the level of performance, how does not and is quad-core processor, which comes from the type of Snapdragon 801 2.5 GHz frequency and is the same processor  Korean oneplus but what makes one Superior is that it supported random Memory Size 3 GB reverse Galaxy S. 5 what makes it in the face of the Xperia Z 2.

4. Kit Kat " cat with rum cyanogenmod 11s

there is a large segment of people who prefer to load roms cyanogenmod and abandon the amended version of android, which added to the phone manufacturer some technical details, there is more than one reason to do that, and that this company is roms  version quickly after the issuance of the newer version of android and is what makes people seek to get the disengagement plan with updates to the manufacturer and the delayed exaggerated. In the Hilla Akbar says oneplus phone one to get the new rum building next to a copy android before calling Samsung and Sony and H T C,.  forges its updates and this is good.

5. The price sweetened this

phone almost the entire force points impose you must put in the highest options that you want to experience, and what makes you buy quickly and without further wait for investment capital  is cheap price and that up to $299 per unit with find competitors available at prices very exaggerated some of the 900 dollars per unit!

A summary of the article:

You have to think seriously about getting your copy of oneplus one the fact that the previous five reasons very convincing, but you put it in your interests now summit. The device fine in every sense of the word and very cheap compared to all competitors.
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