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Diversion of new "unclear" image of Galaxy S. 5 mini

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كاتب الموضوع عقيق حر on الخميس، 8 مايو 2014 | 11:01 ص

not surprising that Samsung plans to launch a scaled-down version of the Galaxy S. 5. But it is of the interest of some specifications knowledge Galaxy S. 5 mini before official launch.

Samsung did not announce the date of the Galaxy S. 5 mini after, but we expect that it will be the announcement of the new smart phone in a time of this month.

Usually, it will take a few weeks of leaks some pictures before official launch. This time we have an official, which confirms the existence of Galaxy S. 5 mini already Korean giant and ready to launch.

The image of the famous leaks @evleaks, while it is not entirely clear, but it is clearly revealed by the Declaration on the galaxy S. 5 Mini on the official web site of the United Kingdom. As you noticed that seems to be very bright colors.

It seems that Samsung Plans To Launch Galaxy S. 5 mini in different colors, including black and white and blue and yellow. certainly would be compatible with hours Galaxy Gere 2 Galaxy hut; because each appears in the picture beside the phone.
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