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Marketing by references Elves Bork

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كاتب الموضوع عقيق حر on الخميس، 8 مايو 2014 | 10:44 ص

media sites New Free Marketing platforms mostly free, and rarely is paid, the Marketing free through these sites need to master our optimal use to be used by the winner of the least costs and efforts.

Let us focus on the most commonly used among the inhabitants of the world, Elvis Bok, in particular, focus on feature references, which grant user participation of its content with the rest of the friends and fans.

This feature is seen as a means of fishing Masada to bring a number of fans, including the organization of the activity of profit, it is the benefits of this feature is that it is now with a number of friends and fans in one publication only up to everyone, also ensure that those who are interested, including their access to them without access to your page and follow-up, as well as a marketing tool to gain hidden a number of customers, for example, if your organization offer for sale at a price dishwasher machine, through a publication creative content and feature used signals, it is obvious to see your friend referred to him and his friends the others and this leads to access to official page strongly, and identify all the sell your organization and you will find a lot of and requests to buy this machine and others from other goods Before in your organization, this will enhance your profitability and at or effort as in traditional means of advertising.

Signals and feature Elvis Bok many imperfections, most prominent of which is the concealment of the publication by referred to if the signal reaches Him, and perhaps, delete it, or you through reporting options, and frequent communications make your account is subject to pause, as well as the frequent references to lead off the account and البوء disappointed.

The solution to use this feature to reduce the signal reaches and focuses on some friends in a publication without the other, for example, in a particular product shopping every week, week I point to some friends, and second week for others, and third week former non, thus even be desirable signal reaches all and are each of your posts of concealment or reporting, as well as focus on a greater number of friends and fans, and also to devise hidden in the use of marketing in each of your posts, for example, if you wrote a story short, or the words of creative and used all the foregoing you fans and increased flows your profit and become highlighted.

This is infinitely through my experience Elvis site Facebook to this feature
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