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mindshare Middle East launches media summit 2014

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كاتب الموضوع عقيق حر on الأحد، 11 مايو 2014 | 7:38 م

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - 4 may 2014 - Company organizes annual mindshare Media Summit 2014 under the title "Adaptive thinking", which will be held in Riyadh on 19 may in four seasons. The Agency mindshare - one of the companies of the Group WPP - Media company leading global helps companies to make informed decisions flexible and adaptable across all marketing channels owned and acquired and paid for.

The summit will be held mindshare 2014 information for one day and will discuss the transformations in the development of information, which is the world around us, will provide new and innovative ideas for companies to pursue continued development and changes in the world in the field of marketing and advertising, through the submission of proposals from before specialists in flexibility and adaptation and chasing the pace of change, this landmark event, a selection of experts from various parts of the world, own remarks their views through interventions and offers interesting that would provide new ideas to attend and workers in this area. And that will help them to understand how to adapt to evolving technology which affect floppy in the formulation of strategies.

The program includes a selection of prominent speakers such as the famous sports world champion Colin Jackson, who will speak on the personal experience in overcoming the challenges that it faced and application of his wisdom on continuous learning in "adjustment with the competition: to overcome the challenges it faced in his life and secrets of success", and he will speak Chris McCarthy, President creative in "the Zu", the "adjustment with technology: change leading digital", will experience gained from diverse and effective work in Google, while the famous businessman Simon Woodroffe, by addressing the subject of "adjustment with opportunities", and discuss competitive advantages that result from the exploration and pursue opportunities.

In the context of talking about this summit, Mazen Fakhouri, director general of the Agency mindshare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: "The adoption of adaptive thinking was an important tool and high value for any modern company. We have ensured that the media summit this year a selection of speakers special topics relevant interesting companies that wish to maintain a competitive advantage in the permanent change in the market," he said.
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