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more applications used in America

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كاتب الموضوع عقيق حر on الأربعاء، 14 مايو 2014 | 10:29 ص

Image showing the distribution between companies and the arrangement, including

the distribution of the table and the Arrangement on the basis of the public and measure the distribution of data used in Android, as well as the amount of use of the smartphone, of course, was the first ranks, Android Market app, Facebook, Gmail, Google maps, and there are many applications including broadcasting service music Pandora and two copies of the game's well known game angry bird and use of both men and women, there are marked differences in access to social applications such as application of Elvis Bok on mobile phones were active from 81 per cent of women compared to 69 per cent for males. Twitter also picked up slightly from women (16.5 %) and Men (13.4 %) The new Google social network, there was a weakness of men (15.8 %) and women (7.2 % ( .There are some other companies such as Amazon's Kindle applications-driven and showed greater activity of women with friends, while applications such as quickoffice Pro and the Amazon appstore was active highest by males.
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