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How much Google Adsense pays

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How much Google Adsense pays?

Well, that totally depends on your content. For one click, you may get anything between US $0.01 to US $500. However the average cpc of most of the publishers is under US $1 which is quite impressive.  We’ll tell you for what niche you can get highest CPC. Just try to create remarkable content related to below keywords.
50Auto insurance VA$55.4490High
49Car insurance in South Dakota$55.6790High
48Donate car for tax credit$56.88170High
47Arizona criminal defense lawyer$58.12210High
46Online college classes$61.001900High
45Online Criminal Justice Degree$67.182,400High
44Car donation Illinois$66.40110High
43Online criminal justice degree programs$70.58170High
42Phoenix criminal lawyer$72.49320High
41Auto insurance quotes$72.9660,500High
40Donate cars in MA$73.0290High
39How to donate a car in California$73.01170High
38Donate a car in Maryland$75.86110High
37Lawyer for auto accident$84.2350High
36Best personal injury lawyer$85.31260High
35Business VoIP$86.342,900High
34Personal Injury Lawyer$87.6318,100High
33Best business VoIP$91.12170High
32Donate your car Sacramento$93.51140High
31Car insurance quotes Utah$94.83170High
30Donate car$95.044,400High
29Car insurance quotes Colorado$97.11210High
28Donate car to charity California$98.77590High
27Personal injury claims$101.915,400High
26Small business VoIP solutions$110.21110High
25Auto accident attorney$116.651,900High
24Truck accident attorney$130.61590High
23Personal injury claim lawyer$150.9790High
22Auto accident injury attorneys$159.0130High
21Motorcycle accident attorney$163.46720High
20Auto accident attorney Los Angeles$165.07170High
19Truck accident attorneys$191.83390High
18Structured settlement quotes$193.59140High
17Denver personal injury lawyer$198.45480High
16Auto accident lawyer Denver$201.24140High
15Accident attorney Denver$211.79110High
14Mesothelioma Law Firm$213.785,400Medium
13Cashing in an annuity$217.4770High
12Michigan auto accident attorney$218.21110High
11Sell annuity payments$224.90260High
10Phoenix accident attorney$260.9470High
9Sell my annuity$275.62260High
8Accident injury attorneys$276.76110High
7Car accident lawyer Denver$279.25210High
6Sell my annuity payments lump sum$312.4820High
5Structured settlement companies$339.56480High
4Structured settlement$356.155,400High
3Sell structured settlement$397.771000High
2Sell my structured settlement$448.38590High
Selling annuity payments for cash$507.1530High
If you find any other you can add on comment section.
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